2018 Wedding Trends

With wedding season in full swing we expect to see some fantastic new trends in 2018. Below are trends we expect to rise in popularity this year.

Be Unique

Think “what has never been done at a wedding before” and do that. Your guests want to see your uniqueness shine through at your wedding. This trend is all about being different. This element of fun is exactly what brought us amazing trends such as the donut wall, food truck catering, party portraits, and more.

Have a Bar

Cocktail receptions are now the norm and should be accounted for in your budget. You’ll have some rather disgruntled guests if they can’t have at least a beer or two. So make sure your venue allows alcohol and consider having an open bar until a certain time.

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are becoming more popular than ever. It makes sense today with everyone’s families spread out all over the place. By the time you fly everybody to whatever one place where you have the wedding mind, it’s just as cheap to fly to Miami, the Caribbean or Mexico. Play up the destination from your invitations to your decor!

Full Service Restaurants

While this trend may not be for everyone. Some weddings are being held and catered in restaurants. It takes the stress out of finding a venue and choosing a caterer and wraps them in to one big package.