2020 Spring Wedding Trends

Best Texas Barn Wedding Venue

Best Texas Barn Wedding Venue

It’s February 2020 which means that Spring weddings are right around the corner! Do you need some inspo for your wedding at the best Texas barn wedding venue this season? We have your back with the biggest and best trends that we are hearing about and beginning to see.

  • One of the biggest trends that we saw beginning in late 2019 is sustainability! It has become trendy to be earth-conscious which we are loving. You can practice sustainability in so many ways on your wedding day. For florals, reuse your ceremony florals in your reception rather than having two separate batches, and make sure that your florals are in season! You can also choose decor that you can reuse in your home. This makes it so that it is not a one-time use decoration. Lastly, be conscious of what you’re using for your exit: use bubbles or compostable confetti as these don’t do harm to the environment around you.
  • Wedding videos are becoming more and more popular, as well. Keep an eye out for all of the wedding videos and pictures this year. Wedding videography is basically a staple that you should add to your budget list at this point!
  • Be ready for bold colors all year long. Instead of doing a full-on pastel wedding this spring, go for a few pastels coupled with a dark purple or bright red. Bold colors stand out and will make your wedding unique.
  • The last trend we want to share with you for your spring wedding is the use of either high-key veils or no veils at all. This trend is the perfect representation of the phrase “go big or go home”! So many brides are opting for either an overstated veil or no veil at all.

We are so excited to see which of these trends you use at your spring wedding at our Texas barn wedding venue!