4 Cute Ways to Ask Your Flower Girl

If you’re at all familiar with Dallas wedding trends, then you’ll know there’s a growing number of brides who are asking their friends to be their bridesmaids in a special way. But there’s one special person that you don’t want to forget to ask – your flower girl! Make her day by asking her to be a part of your wedding in one of these 4 cute ways (just be sure to ask her parents first).

Gift her jewelry.

If you’re flower girl likes to play dress-up she’ll feel extra grown up when you give her a piece of jewelry and ask her to be your flower girl.

Create a box.

Consider curating a box of her favorite things such as glitter, candy, play makeup, toys and a picture of the two of you and have the lid say ‘will you be my flower girl?’.

Write a letter.

If she’s an older girl writing her a letter telling her how special she is to you and how much it would mean for her to be your flower girl will mean so much to her. This simple, touching gesture goes a long way and doesn’t take much time but will mean the world to her.

Take her out for a treat.

No matter their age, being taken out on a special occasion and asking her one-on-one is another great way to ask. It can be an ice cream date or a trip to her favorite restaurant.