5 Reasons Why a Rustic Barn Wedding is for You

Rustic Texas Barn Wedding at White Sparrow Barn
Photo by June Bug Company

A classic white wedding is something most people have dreamed about since they were little kids. Living in Texas, however, a beautiful, rustic barn wedding in a rural area with a country road and blue skies is often desired along with the white wedding dream. If you are one of these country wedding dreamers, the White Sparrow Barn is the right venue for you. To fully convince you, here are 5 reasons why you should have your dream wedding in a rustic barn:

1) The perfect amount of privacy- A wedding nestled out in the quaint town of Quinlan, Texas is great for couples who wish to tie the knot without all the extra noise of the inner city. If you are looking for a little something special off the beaten path, an authentic, charming barn is just for you.

2) Great scenery for stunning photos- Nothing beats the beautiful countryside with lush groves, towering oak trees, and wildflower gardens that Texas has to offer. There are great photo ops out in front of the barn, beneath the trees, and along the country road. And did we mention and the sunsets?

3) Fits a large number of guests- A big open barn is perfect for couples who are planning on having a larger number of guests at their wedding. Ours features 45 foot tall ceilings and with 72oo square feet, it seats approximately 250.

4) More laid back planning- Barn weddings are typically more relaxed when it comes to planning and setting up, but working with a family-owned venue especially has its perks. Let’s be honest, flexibility makes it easier on all of us.

5) Clean slate for decorating- Lucky for you, a rustic barn already comes with a lot of charm and character. If you are looking for clean lines and pristine, white surroundings, you can just decorate with small accents and let the barn speak for itself. Or, since it is your special day, you can go all out.

Good thing you are considering a rustic barn for your wedding day because in Texas, the barns are bigger, the land is lush, and the blue sky’s the limit.

(Courtesy of The Wedding Community)