A Checklist for Your Wedding Venue Tour

If a spacious rustic barn in the middle the country in Texas is your kind of party, then you are in the right place here at the White Sparrow. Speaking generally, however, there are some important things you will want to ask about and observe along the tour of any wedding venue you are considering. From parking lot space to setup and breakdown times, here are nine things to ask when walking the grounds with the venue manager.

1. What are the venue fees and are there any initial deposits? Are there any other hidden fees that may come up?

2. Are the ceremony and reception spaces spacious enough for all of the wedding guests? Also, what tables, linens, and seating is included in the venue fee, if so?

3. Is there in-house catering or are you allowed to choose your own caterers? Are there any additional fees, pre-approvals, contracts, or requirements if the catering company is off-site?

4. What are setup and breakdown times and will there be onsite staff to assist with this?

5. Is there onsite parking available and does the venue provide extra transportation if there is not enough space for all of the guests?

6. Where are the restrooms located, how many are there, and are they attached to the main reception area or somewhere in a separate building?

7. What is the allowed noise level for music around the location of the wedding venue and is there a cutoff time to avoid disturbances?

8. Is there a plan for inclement weather and does the venue have special ways to accommodate for muddy grounds outside the venue if it does rain?

9. Are there any hotels near the venue site that guests can easily travel to after the wedding and what are the best recommendations?

Photo by June Bug Company
Photo by June Bug Company