Bachelorette Party Tips From White Sparrow Barn

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You’re engaged and you just cannot wait to have your wedding at the White Sparrow Barn venue, right? But first, you can’t forget the fun – AKA your bachelorette party! Your bachelorette party should be perfectly crafted for you to have the best time with your best friends. This means that no bachelorette party is made the same, and every bride deserves her unique experience! So even if every single one of your friends went and got sloshed for their bachelorette weekends, it does not mean that you have to. Be honest with your maid of honor about your expectations for the party, and then sit back and enjoy. Now you’re wondering what kind of party you’re wanting, and we are here to tell you about a couple that you could have.

  1. Are you more of an outdoorsy bride-to-be and want a weekend getaway to hike, build fires, and make s’mores with your girlfriends? Maybe a bachelorette glamping trip is for you. Yes, we would ditch the tent for something a little cozier and less intense, but you’ll still be able to admire the stars late into the night. It’ll be more than worth it when you and your girls have a small kitchen to work with for a biscuit and bacon breakfast in the morning. 
  2. Maybe you don’t like the outdoors at all, but you do like wine? A winery tour or two might be the right bachelorette party for you. Getting together with all of your bridesmaids to sip on different wines and expand your palettes is a fun way to spend any weekend, but a truly exciting way to spend your bachelorette weekend! Once the tours are done you can choose to do so many other things with the rest of your night, like bar hopping or having a big movie night with even more wine!
  3. If you and your friends always have a travel bug, take advantage of that for a trip of the lifetime to celebrate you! There’s the whole world to choose from, and you could spend your bachelorette party suntanning on a beach, exploring a new city, or even just having fun in the next city over that you always want to go to. Make a trip out of it, literally!

What kind of party do you have in mind?