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We know, the wedding packing list seems unending! Dress, veil, shoes, garters… the attire alone could fill an entire page. It can seem a tad overwhelming at first—not to mention simultaneously packing for the honeymoon! However, there are a few details you won’t want to leave at home. Take a look at our list to make sure your wedding photo album includes those swoon-worthy “wedding details” shots you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest. Your photographer will thank you!

Barn Venue Texas: Details to Bring on your Wedding Day | The White Sparrow

We recommend you pack these items ahead of time, if possible. Put everything into a shoebox or shopping bag—you can add items over the weeks leading up to the wedding. On the big day, bring the box to your bridal suite (hopefully here at the best barn venue Texas has to offer!). You’ll have the collection of items readily available for your photographer, so she can capture these precious objects efficiently… opening up more time for her to spend documenting you and your loved ones.

  • Heirloom Jewelry: are you wearing your mom’s pearls? Or a grandmother‘s necklace? Perhaps you just selected a stunning pair of earrings for yourself! Whatever jewelry suits your style, be sure you pack it along with your other wedding details. Earrings always add a delicate touch and a dose of personality to your details shots.
  • “Something Blue”: … and old, borrowed, and new! Bring any traditional wedding detail items along with you to the bridal suite. Your photographer can capture them all together in an image you (and future generations) will love.
  • Wedding Shoes: every bride’s shoes exude a different style—and yours should definitely be included in your details shots! Whether you’re strutting the aisle in to-die-for Louboutins or rocking the reception in dance-able TOMS, you won’t want to miss a detail shot of your wedding kicks.
  • Invitation Suite: sadly, this detail often goes forgotten by too many couples! Since your invitation suite isn’t first and foremost on your mind (after all, it’s been awhile since invitations were sent out… plus, you aren’t thinking about needing to wear them like you are with the other details!), it can get overlooked during packing.

    Here’s an easy tip: ask your stationer / calligrapher to include a “photos-only” invitation in your suite delivery. She can assemble all pieces (including a calligraphed envelope) inside a protective folder so all the paper details will look picture-perfect on the day of the wedding. Put this folder from your calligrapher in your details bag asap so you’ll remember it on the big day!

    Take it a step further… ask your calligrapher if she can do a styled suite for your photos (for an additional fee). Even if you didn’t have the budget to go all-out with custom liners, hand-dyed ribbons, and wax seals on the actual invitations, you can include these over-the-top details on just one invitation set that will look absolutely picture-perfect in your wedding photos.

  • Engagement Ring + Wedding Bands: don’t forget to let your photographer borrow the rings for a minute or two! You’ll want to have the wedding bands in your possession so the photographer can capture all three rings together on camera. After the details shots are over, have a messenger run the weddings bands over to the best man, who typically keeps track of them until the ceremony.

Got it all? We know your packing list goes far beyond these few items, but don’t forget these special objects! You’ll love having images of these styled detail items—and they will beautifully complement portrait images. A healthy mix of “people shots” and “items shots” will aesthetically balance your wedding album, and will result in a photo collection you’ll treasure for years to come.

We hope you’ll make The White Sparrow a part of your love story. We are honored to be the best barn venue Texas has to offer, and we would love to showcase your wedding detail items within our whitewashed walls. Don’t hesitate to contact our team with any questions; we’re here to help.



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