How to Plan an Engagement Party

Before finding the best Dallas venue or buying that wedding dress you’ve always dreamed of you should halt all your plans and do this one thing first. If you recently got engaged we encourage you to really savor the moment with an engagement party. Engagement is a special time in your life that you will never have again, embrace the moment and celebrate with your friends and family. Not sure what an engagement party involves, follow these simple steps.

Decide on a location

Traditionally the bride’s parents host the engagement party. However, it all depends on your family dynamic. Depending on who’s hosting and how big your guests list is will help you pick a location. It can be a family members house, your own space, a restaurant or even a venue like ours if you need more room.

Dress the part

Set yourselves apart with nice engagement attire. It lets guests know you’re the man and woman of the hour.An easy way to do this is to wear something like a white sundress or cocktail dress if your celebration is more formal. If you’d like something with more color, add a floral pattern or wear a pastel – just keep it light. For him, help him choose a nice textural button down with a tie or a seersucker or light colored suit.

Don’t forget the invites

It may seem like one more thing, but a formal invitation is better than a text. If you’re concerned about your budget opt for an e-vite. There are many elegant, fun and custom e-vites that you can create without sending a lot on paper invites.