We’re Loving This Floral Trend: Cascading Bouquets

The best venues in DFW have been seeing this trend pop up – that trend being cascading bouquets. These bouquets feature a dramatic waterfall of flowers and greenery, extending nearly to the floor in some cases. We have fallen in love with this floral choice for bouquets and just had to share some of our favorite details.


The use of greenery is key in cascading bouquets and ferns provide excellent structure for oversized florals. White peonies and mixed greens can create a delicate and more modern version of the cascading bouquets. Often a bit more reserved in size and delicate in appearance.

Go Green

If you want the drama of a cascading bouquet but prefer something simpler, consider using all greenery. You might be surprised to find that greenery can come in a large variety of textures, shapes, and colors.

Grand Statement

If you are a bride looking for a statement and want to pull out all the stops a cascade bouquet is the way to go. There really isn’t a limit to how long and full you make your arrangement. Boldly colored blooms with a strategic mixture of dark and light greens you can create dimensionality in your length.