Blank Canvas Wedding Venue

Blank Canvas Wedding Venue | The White Sparrow Barn

The modern, cost-effective way to create an unforgettable experience is to choose a space that’s a blank canvas and make it your own. Blank canvas spaces offer infinite options for customization, which means you get to architect your very own dream day and make it come to life from scratch!

Let your imaginations run wild with styling to create the relaxed wedding day you’ve dreamed of. Give your guests a truly show-stopping experience that they’ll never be able to experience at any other wedding.

Which is why we choose to keep The White Sparrow Barn a clean slate. So that it can be the perfect space for you to create something all your own. The idea of a barn wedding takes on a whole new meaning here. We’ve had everything from a tropical themed wedding to Christmas weddings. This is your canvas.

You can choose everything from the color scheme to the seating arrangements and catering. Even bring the outdoors in. Likewise, if the weather is good, your guests will still have the freedom to venture out into the open air, so they won’t be stuck indoors. And as an added bonus it’s all away from the city ruckus.