Boho Wedding Inspiration

DFW Barn Wedding Venue

DFW Barn Wedding Venue

Are you looking for inspiration for a boho style wedding at our DFW barn wedding venue? Look no further, we are here to help! A boho themed wedding can seem hard to achieve, but the best part about it is that it is actually pretty effortless. Keep reading to learn how you can achieve the basics of a boho wedding.

  • For your dress, look for dresses with lots of lace, maybe even unique a unique pattern, like eyelet lace. You can also look for a more loose fitting dress. These two styles coupled together will create the perfect boho feel from the beginning. Dresses with long sleeves, bell sleeves, or off-the-shoulder sleeves will also add to the boho look. Rather than having all of these styles in just your wedding dress, have your bridesmaids dresses be the ones with the unique, eye-catching sleeves! Your dress isn’t the only one that can reflect the boho feel.
  • For your hair, opt for a loose updo. It will give off an effortless feel, even if the hairdo was actually very complicated. The trick to a boho styled wedding is making the whole thing seem flowing and simple.
  • With the loose hair, have a cascading bouquet! Rather than a tight bouquet, look up inspiration for waterfall-styled bouquets. This is when they fall in front of you, include lots of greenery and wildflowers, and are generally large.
  • Lastly, for decor around your wedding, use things like macrame and simple tapestries. This will be the cherry on top of the entire boho look, while still being minimal.

Our venue, The White Sparrow Barn, is truly the perfect space to make all of your boho wedding dreams come true! Contact us today to talk about your wedding in our beautiful barn wedding venue.