Bridal boudoir: everything you need to know

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If you’re a regular visitor at The White Sparrow blog, chances are you’ve come across a couple of lovely bridal boudoir shoots here at our North Texas wedding venue. Thanks to the ever-so-talented Jessica Gold Photography and Taylor Lord Fine Art Photography, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting the most elegant, refined, tasteful boudoir shoots we’ve ever laid eyes on.

While the bridal boudoir trend has been growing in popularity, we certainly understand your hesitation when it comes to getting in front of the camera yourself. That being said, Jessica Gold and Taylor Lord have shown us that bridal boudoir can be stunning, modest, and tasteful. It’s not easy to show some skin in front of the camera… but we’ve collected all the tips and tricks you need for a successful bridal boudoir shoot, right here. Put yourself at ease by getting the inside scoop, and see if a boudoir shoot is in your future:

Everything you need to know about bridal boudoir

  • Bridal boudoir can be 100% tasteful. These days, bridal boudoir is anything but trashy. Believe it or not, bridal boudoir is sophisticated, refined, and classy. Yes, this type of shoot does produce intimate, romantic photography… but rest assured that every frame will capture elegance and femininity with tasteful discretion.
  • You should bring your own sense of style. Are you playful and sweet, bohemian chic, or down-to-earth girl-next-door? From romantic luxury to playful innocence, bridal boudoir encompasses every style—and your shoot ought to capture the essence of you. Choose garments that represent your own style, whether that means delicate lingerie, a bright patterned robe, or a casual-but-cute sleepshirt.
  • You don’t have to share your photos with anyone but yourself. We are so grateful to the lovely models who didn’t mind sharing their boudoir photoshoot with us… but that’s certainly not the norm. If you decide to do a boudoir shoot, you decide who sees the photos. Whether they are a private gift for the groom, or just an experience you wanted to give to yourself, it’s up to you to decide who sees (or doesn’t see) your boudoir photography.
  • Being you is the most attractive thing you can be. We know it’s tough to get comfortable in front of the lens, but just remember: you are naturally beautiful just as you are. The best boudoir images are always those that capture an intimate glimpse of your character. A little vulnerability goes a long way.
  • A bridal boudoir session will actually boost your confidence. Surprising, right? So many brides get nervous prior to their boudoir session, but then come to find it actually boosts their confidence before the big day. A boudoir shoot features you at your best: illuminated in soft natural light, hair and makeup done, posed by a professional… how could these images not turn out stunning?

Your bridal boudoir session can be the picture of timeless, romantic femininity. If you’re ready to take the plunge and capture your bridal beauty on film, you should also know what to bring to your boudoir shoot—so we’ve compiled a short list for that as well. Don’t forget to bring:

  • A trusted photographer
  • A trusted friend (if desired)
  • Lingerie that speaks to you
  • Soft layers (a robe, blanket, etc.)
  • Touchup makeup
  • Confidence
  • and last but not least… feel free to bring a mimosa!

Cheers to celebrating bridal beauty in its purest form. We encourage you to give a bridal boudoir shoot a try, and invite you to book a session with your photographer at our North Texas wedding venue. Our natural lighting and whitewashed walls will showcase your bridal beauty at its best, and we handle every boudoir shoot with utmost discretion. Bring your own personality and sense of style to your session, and you can’t go wrong! These romantic and elegant images are sure to be treasured keepsakes for years to come. We hope you’ll consider booking your bridal boudoir at The White Sparrow, the premier North Texas wedding venue.

North Texas Wedding Venue | The White Sparrow
Jessica Gold Photography
North Texas Wedding Venue | The White Sparrow
Fine Art Photographer Taylor Lord