Choosing Your Wedding Make-Up

Dallas Barn Weddings

Dallas Barn Weddings

When it comes to your wedding day make-up, you want it to be perfect, right? Since we specialize in Dallas barn weddings, we see a lot of make-up come through our doors. There are so many options though, so what should you choose? Let us walk you through some options you have for wedding day make-up.

  • Eyeliner is having its year in 2019. Everywhere you look, there is colorful eyeliner and unique eyeliner looks. Are you a bride that really wants to stand out? Go for a fun eyeliner! Whether you want to do a neutral gold or a red, it will shake your wedding day look up. You will love it, and be giggling at it when you look at your wedding pictures 40 years down the line. If you’re a more classic bride, stick to no eyeliner or a small cat-eye. These will be timeless.
  • Right now when it comes to face make-up, highlight and a dewy complexion are very in. Both of these trends will keep your face bright and airy looking on your big day. These can add to the natural look, or go with a full-glam look. Either way, your skin will be looking radiant.
  • If you want bigger lashes for your wedding day, you don’t just have to use glue-on eyelashes anymore! Check out eyelash extensions for the perfect, full eyelash look for your big day. Not only will they stay on for your wedding, but you’ll be able to have the look for your honeymoon, as well.
  • Lastly, golden vibes are very in! Gold around the eyes will draw people towards your eyes and will complement any other shiny or dewy components of your make-up look.

Remember, this is your wedding! Choose the make-up look that you want whether it is a timeless classic or a new trend. You will be the stunning center of attention no matter what.