Creating a Theme for Your Wedding

Dallas Wedding Venue | The White Sparrow Barn

The White Sparrow has been honored to host countless styled shoots since our barn doors first opened in 2013. Talented wedding vendors bring new creativity to every wedding and styled shoot; we’ve never seen the same thing twice! But the central key to every successful event design is simple: a cohesive overarching concept.

We’re not talking about kitschy themes here. We’re referring to an elegant creative direction that will set the tone for your event or styled shoot. Use a theme to tell your love story and make your day a personalized occasion. Don’t worry, we’ll make it easy for you!

Pinterest makes it tempting to overdo it on décor… there are so many incredible ideas out there, but they don’t always work well together! Instead of falling into the trap of smorgasbord décor, streamline your aesthetic and craft a polished event. Define a clear concept from the get-go. Here’s are some kick-starter ideas to help you brainstorm a memorable, executable theme for your wedding or styled shoot:

Start with this foolproof plan! Fill in the blanks: _________ (adjective)  _________ (location) Wedding. Above all else, your wedding details should always relate back to these two words. For example:

  • Elegant Woodland Wedding
  • Dreamy Garden Wedding
  • Sophisticated Scotland Wedding
  • Rustic Backyard Wedding
  • Quirky Outdoor Wedding
  • Burgundy European Wedding

This plan of action can go a long way. Your theme will be broad enough to let vendors’ creativity shine, but focused enough to keep a polished and cohesive look throughout your Dallas wedding venue.

Once you’ve defined a theme, write it down. We can’t stress this enough! Write a one-sentence summary of your vision—just like a mission statement, for your wedding day or shoot. When you feel lost or overwhelmed, you can refer back to this “mission statement” to ensure every detail is on target.

Ready to get inspired? Take a look at some of the past themes that have passed through our Dallas wedding venue doors!

We would love to host your wedding or styled shoot here at The White Sparrow Barn. Contact us to discuss open dates, and to tell us all about your theme ideas for the big day!