Winter Wedding Dress Style Tips

When searching for a winter dress for a Dallas wedding venue it can be hard to figure out what style to wear with our unpredictable weather. Here are some versatile ways to style your winter dress and not only look great, but can be styled to be warmer if it ends up being colder than you expected.


Having longer sleeves is a great way to fight the cold. Illusion sleeves will still help with the cold winds, but thick fabric sleeves with lace overlay can still be very attractive, and warmer. If you don’t want a full sleeve, see if you might like a three-quarter length sleeve or caps.

Use a Shawl, Stole or Coat

Your neck is one of places your body loses heat the quickest. Having something to drape over your shoulders will help make you feel a lot warmer than you might think. Shawls come in lots of different materials and colors so that you can customize it to fit your aesthetic.

Knit or Flannel Blanket

While we’re on the subject of staying warm, we definitely think these big and chunky wool blankets are the next big winter accessory. If you know someone who can crochet or knit, have them make it in exact shade you need to match your color scheme.