Details Your Wedding Guests Will Remember

At our Union Valley wedding venue we’ve noticed that for better or worse there are some details of your wedding that guests will remember more than others. Here are some common ones that guests remember and may be worth putting more time and money in to than other areas.

Your Venue

Location really does matter. We here time and time again from past couples who tell us about the tons of compliments they get when choosing our venue and how it was the perfect backdrop for their celebration.

Your Wedding Dress

All eyes are on you and the gorgeous gown you chose to wear on your big day. So definitely treat yourself to the dress that makes you feel stylish and comfortable.

Your Reception Party

The largest part of your day is the celebration after your nuptials. This is one of the most important details for guests. So make sure things run smoothly here with very few interruptions and lots of fun music to dance to.

Your Menu

A very big part of the reception is the menu. We love that more and more couples are seeing the significants of a good meal. There is a growing trend of amazing new dishes and food displays because doing something unique with your menu will make a lasting impression on your guests.