DFW Spring Wedding Inspiration

With each passing season, we embrace new wedding trends and designs. The spring season brings many welcomed changes. Spring weddings are often full of garden-inspired details, from seasonal flowers to weather-inspired ceremonies and receptions. We’ve compiled a list of spring wedding inspiration ideas for your Dallas Fort Worth wedding. 




Plant-Filled Aisles 

When you think of spring weddings, you usually think about flower-inspired decor. Spring weddings are the perfect way to take advantage of the season’s blooms. From beautiful centerpieces to fresh bouquets, florals are often a focal point. In 2022, expect to see floral decor head to the aisle by adding beautiful bunches of florals and greenery to your ceremony aisle. For a small pop of color, add a few flower arrangements throughout the aisle in large vases. Opt for neutral vases to let the flowers draw the eye. For a garden-like feel, consider adding arrangements at the end of every row to fill the aisle with beautiful blooms. Opt for potted plants to allow the guests to take home a keepsake from your big day or plant in your garden as a wedding memory. 


Watercolor Invites

Get creative with your invitations and opt for watercolor invitations or save the dates. You can expect to see more couples working with watercolor artists to create the perfect invitation to fit any wedding theme, from pastel-colored patterns to florals and greenery. To enhance the invitation or save the date, talk to the artist about adding a tightly colored wax seal for an elevated look and a way to add in your wedding colors. 



Brass is making an appearance this spring in both indoor and outdoor weddings. It gives off a vintage feel. Consider mixing and matching brass with spring florals, like roses or ranunculus, to give off a more modern chic feel. Match vases with brass flatware, drinkware, or dinnerware to finish the look. 




Outdoor Ceremonies

Embrace the warm weather by saying “I do” outdoors. With the scent of spring flowers and warmer weather, a golden hour ceremony is a perfect backdrop to tie the knot. While we love the warm weather and beautiful blooms, spring does come with rain showers. Have extra umbrellas on hand for guests if they need them for a quick rain shower or even hot sun rays.


Dressed Up Doorways 

Expect to see more floral arches around doorways for indoor and outdoor weddings. It helps make entryways feel more decorative while giving the nod to the spring season. For a romantic and intimate look, roses will tie the look together. Opt for an arch filled with hydrangeas for a more modern or farmhouse look. It adds a focal point to the room and is the perfect place for a photo op. 


Fruit-Inspired Cocktail Hours

Flowers aren’t the only thing making an appearance in spring weddings. Expect to see fruit-inspired cocktails being served during cocktail hours this spring. Berries are in season and will add a delicious flavor (and pop of color) to your cocktails, making the cocktails being the hit of the hour. 

Add edible flowers to your fruity drinks to bring in the floral trend to tie in more spring details. From a garnish to flowers inside of the ice cubes, guests will certainly notice the small spring-inspired details during cocktail hour. 


Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are making an impact this spring. From the plant itself to the planter pot, these dangling pieces of decor can be placed throughout your venue for a splash of greenery and color. It helps bring the spring season indoors without overpowering your reception tables. If your ceremony is outdoors, consider hanging planters from trees to create a beautiful garden-like installation. It adds in more fresh florals while making for the perfect photo backdrop. 



Woven materials, like baskets, pair beautifully with greenery. The spring season is full of bright green textures and can be expected to be seen throughout weddings this spring. From wicker baskets holding florals and plants to woven baskets hiding wedding accessories, expect to see more woven and wicker textures used throughout ceremonies and receptions this spring.


Floral Bridesmaid Dresses

Florals aren’t just for decor. Expect to see floral bridesmaid dresses this spring. Brides embrace the spring season with their wedding party, from tiny floral details in the lace to the entire dress design. Mix and match floral patterns or opt for the maid of honor to wear floral to stand out among the bridesmaids. The dresses will add to the spring feel and incorporate a pop of color to the wedding party. 




Muted Gray

Most spring weddings are full of bright colors but expect to see shades of gray this spring. Whether it is added to a more colorful color palette to tone down the look or on its own, muted gray will be scattered throughout wedding details in invitations, linens, and decor. Add more gray throughout your wedding by adding color to your bridal party attire. Opt for your bridesmaids or groomsmen to wear gray to let the spring colors shine. Look for ways to incorporate shades of gray through smaller accents like ties, pocket squares, or sashes. 


Petal Bar

Flower petal send-offs have been a popular way to celebrate the newlyweds officially tying the knot. Flower petals are a sustainable option compared to rice or confetti and can match the rest of your wedding flowers. Couples are embracing florals and adding a petal bar to their wedding to let guests have a little fun before the flower send-off. They can create their very own petal packet, choosing their favorite colors and flower petals. It is a fun addition to your wedding, and more and more couples are embracing this floral trend this spring. 


Naked Cakes 

Cakes are making a comeback this spring, but you can expect to see less frosting. Naked cakes have been around weddings for a while but this spring, expect the seasonal florals to make the cake that much more beautiful. Naked cakes will have fresh florals to match the rest of the florals at the wedding and add more color to your cake without the extra sugar. 

Are you tired of florals? Opt for herbs! Add chamomile to your cake for a pretty accent. 


Lattice Detailing

Lattice is often seen in yards on fencing or trellises and helps showcase vines and greenery. Expect to see couples take this popular look from most homes and add it to their reception this spring. From vine-covered trellises as decor to outdoor bars with lattice detailing, it will help showcase the beautiful seasons’ blooms and greenery. 


Garden Furniture

Spring weddings are known for their garden feel; why not fill the reception and cocktail hour with grade furniture? White metal patio seating adds a chic farmhouse feel to any wedding and will give guests a place to sit and socialize. Add in plants to create a natural garden feel. 


Floral Patterned Plates

If you want to incorporate florals without overpowering the space with the arrangement, floral china can create the perfect spring feel. From bright roses to pretty pastels, opt for china that fits your color palette. 


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