Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Officiate Fees (or Donations)

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The officiant of your big day is a huge choice. It is imperative to choose the right option and decide who will pronounce the “I dos.”

Whether it is your relative, loved one, a clergy member or a justice of the peace, he or she is and remains to be the chief participant of your big day. Not only will he or she say your wedding vows but also will be a permanent part of your wedding photos forever!

The officiant is just like any pro that you invite to carry out your big day. He or she needs to be paid. Whether it is in the form of dues or the donation to Church, you are required to pay them directly.So what’s the expected rate?

Paying a Religious Officiant

If you have chosen a religious officiant for your wedding, chances are they will not be asking for payment or charging fees directly. Your payment will cover the expenses of the church and will be spent on its upkeep.

The amount is totally dependent on you. If you want the amount to be according to the liking of your religious officiant you can always ask them formally by sending an email or making a call.

The charges will be higher if you are not a regular member of Church as the members pay to church on habitual basis.

Give Some Thank You Tip

Tipping a religious officiant may seem awkward – but is common. The donations to the church are spent on the maintenance of the church while the tip will go directly to officiate. Say your thanks by presenting an honorarium or tip to the priest. Some of them will give it to church while others will consider it their fee.

Paying Fee to Civil Officiant

If you have hired the officiant through proper channel, then he will be just like hiring any other professional on your wedding. You will sign a contract with them and pay in advance in some cases. Some officiant charge extra for coming to rehearsals. You can get the information from the civil officiant’s website.

Paying to your loved one as Officiant

If you have chosen your friend or a close relative as the officiant, there won’t be a fee.

They will take officiant responsibility as an honor and of course not expect to be compensated. As they have spent some good amount of time and energy in the successful execution of your big day like writing the script, jotting down vows and then attending the rehearsals, a thank you gift is a much better gesture.