Want to Hire a Drone for Your Wedding?

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Your wedding day is considered the most memorable day of your life. We at White Sparrow Barn understand that capturing moments like these is what makes memories last a lifetime.

Every couple desires to have the perfect wardrobe, venue, catering and décor. Having all these elements perfected, along with a great photographer and videographer is all you need to pull of the best wedding around.

Modern technology and the drone is just another example of how a wedding can be captured in the most breathtaking manner possible! Shots and aerial views of your event can be clicked like never before.

Let’s take a glance at all the aspects of hiring a drone for your wedding and whether or not it’s worth the extra spending.

Always Make Safety Your Top Priority:

The person at the operating end of the drone should be a trained professional who knows how to control the drone. This avoids the risk of any accidents at your event venue, which is something you would never want.

A few things you should look into before hiring a drone for your wedding include the following:

  • Ensure the pilot has a safety plan in case things don’t work out the way they should
  • The drone is insured, which includes both liability and personal property claims
  • The pilot possesses extensive know how when it comes to drone operation
  • The pilot of the drone should collaborate well with the photographer on the ground so as to take timely shots at your event venue
Capture the Beauty of Your Wedding Venue in the Best Manner:

Shots taken from the drone are known to be versatile and dynamic in nature. A lot of thought and planning goes into choosing wedding venues by the couple.

The White Sparrow Barn provides a fusion of contemporary and rustic theme where innovation is at its peak and the aerial view is surely breath-taking. Hiring a drone for your wedding does just that.

A few things that every couple should be aware of before hiring a drone include the following:

  • Drones should avoid taking close-ups at any cost. This comes under the standard procedure of care as it avoids any risk that can possible occur to guests and avoids intrusive and offensive behavior.
  • Drones can work well in the a variety of climates. However, rain, gusty winds and blizzards are not suitable conditions for drones to function well in.
  • Packages range from $500 to $3500. Look out for other complete packages where a full assembly team is involved for wedding based events or where your photographer or videographer include this service.