Things NOT to Do the Week Before Your Wedding

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Our DFW wedding venue often sees brides rushing the finishing touches of their wedding in the remaining weeks which can lead to last minute emergencies. If you’d like to avoid these common mistakes, follow our tips on how to make the weeks leading up to one of the happiest day’s of your life run more smoothly.

Breaking in Your Shoes

We all know the pain of breaking in new shoes, the last thing you want is to do it on your wedding day. Don’t forget to try on your wedding shoes a few times and walk around.

Changing Shades

Sun-kissed skin sounds wonderful for wedding pictures, but the danger in using self-tanners, tanning beds, and so on the week before your wedding is that you could end up looking like a lobster or an unflattering orange color. If you must have a tan, seek a professional.


What bride doesn’t want to have her nails done for ring selfies? However, many make the mistake of doing their nails way too early and end up with smudged or broken nails. Less accidents are likely to happen when you get your nails polished a few days before the wedding.


What bride doesn’t want their skin to be glowing on their wedding day? Be careful though of getting any special treatments done right before your wedding, as you could have an adverse reaction and have the opposite desired effect.

Stick with Routine

Trying something daring with your makeup for your wedding day sounds like a good idea in theory, however sticking with your normal beauty routine is often the best choice to relieve stress and avoid an unnatural look.