DIY Wedding Trends We Love

White Barn Wedding Venue

White Barn Wedding Venue

DIY is the way to go for weddings, recently. Not only does it save some money, but it can be a fun experience to create things for such a big event in your life! Whether you are a crafty person, or you want to invite everyone who is crafty in your life to help out, DIY decorations are a unique way to go. Knowing your talents and your friend’s talents helps out with this trend, too! You can put these talents to good use in helping with your wedding.

  • Do you want pretty signage throughout your wedding, but don’t want to shell out an arm and a leg for custom signs? See if any of your friends or family do woodworking as a hobby! At the very least, it will be much more cost effective to go this route. For a more dainty signage look, pick up some copper wire from your local craft or hardware store to create cursive signs. We love to see this look when its on the back of the couple’s chairs showing “Mr.” or “Mrs.”
  • For a dreamy and delicate alter or photo backdrop, pick up some twine, ribbon, and wax paper!  Cutting and making the wax paper into cones then stringing and knotting the twine through will create a cascading look. You’ll be able to create a hanging backdrop that will make everyone wonder where they can buy one from. No one has to know how cheap of a venture it was!
  • Maybe you or your friends have a knack for hand lettering? Put that skill to good use for a pretty menu, chalkboard signage, or even for small details like writing you and your partner’s names on the front of the guest book.

There are so many ways to use DIY techniques in your wedding to save money without it looking cheap. We are so excited to see how you use DIY techniques at our white barn wedding venue!