Dreaming of a White (Barn) Wedding

Dreaming of a White Barn Wedding | The White Sparrow Barn

The White Sparrow Barn is the perfect way to have an all white wedding. It’s a beautiful backdrop of white washed wood with lots of light for a dazzling affair. If an all white wedding sounds dreamy and romantic you came to the right place. Here are three tips to make your white wedding a reality.

Devil’s in the Details

A white wedding can be traditional as well as modern. Once you pick a theme, seek out the details you want to use to bring it to life and look specifically for all-white options. Don’t stress out over every single wedding detail being white. It can be difficult to get all white food and so on, so stick to the easy details like florals, linens, dinnerware and so on.

Texture Matters

To make sure your all white wedding isn’t to washed out, try mixing textures to give your wedding look dimensionality. Layered fabrics, furs or sequins – be inventive with it. Maybe even bring in textures like marble or clear items like lucite.

A Blank Canvas

The venue can really make or break your theme. With the White Sparrow Barn you already have a beautiful blank white canvas to make your romantic white wedding come true.