Fan of Quotes? You’ll Love these Wedding Decor Ideas

You know your Texas wedding décor ideas do not have to be all about the hottest flower arrangements or glamorous ceiling installations. It can be something as timeless as hundreds of years’ old love verses!

What’s the most important element of your wedding? It’s not the flowers, or the cake. It’s the words. The words you and your partner will say to each other on that perfect day – your vows. The words your loved ones will say – wedding toasts. Even the lyrics of your chosen wedding music have to be perfect.

And finding the perfect words takes a lot of time and effort! You’ll probably spend hours and hours scouring the internet for perfect quotes, verses, and readings. Then you have to choose the perfect song with the perfect words for your first dance, and the father-daughter dance. You see? Words are mighty important.

Maybe that’s why beautiful printed quotes have become such a hot Texas wedding trend right now. Because it’s just not enough to hear the words; seeing them in stunning calligraphy is also a sight to behold.

If you love quotes as much as we do, here are some ideas to inspire you to incorporate all-time favorite love quotes in your wedding décor.

Wedding Cake Décor:

Love all-thing-minimalist? How about a simple elegant cake with a timeless romantic quote written over it in fondant? You can choose a verse that has a special meaning to you and your love, or go with something famous like ‘If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…I could walk through my garden forever.’

Trendy Table runners:

Since everybody is going gaga over table runners these days, you can go one step ahead. Instead of plain, colorful runners, choose custom-made table runners with calligraphed love poems or songs! Sure shot way to leave the guests in awe.

Ceremony Backdrop:

Think about having the lyrics from a romantic song featured in the ceremony backdrop. It doesn’t get more meaningful than this. Add a bunch of cascading vines and potted plants to create a dreamy landscape.

Sticks and Stones:

Does your ceremony or reception venue have huge rocks and stones lying around? If yes, then you can have love poems drawn on these, especially if they are lining the way to the aisle.

Romantic Backdrop:

Instead of just using a quote or a poem around the ceremony backdrop (like we suggested earlier), you can also consider a backdrop made entirely of a long banner-style quote. Instead of quotes, you can print your wedding vows on a silk banner and make that your perfect backdrop.

Wedding invitations:

Beautiful, meaningful quotes scrawled on the invitation suite have its appeal, don’t you think?

Focal Point of wedding ceremony:

Okay, yes, we ARE obsessed with quotes in the ceremony backdrop (in case you didn’t already get that!) just imagine this: romantic lighting, candles lining the aisle, greenery in the surroundings, and right in the center – “The Best Thing to Hold On to Is Each Other”. In calligraphy. Brilliantly beautiful or what?