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Outdoor Barn Venue Dallas

Everyone loves florals and expects them at weddings, but greenery is getting a spotlight right now in wedding trends. With the minimal emergence in weddings, as well as the outdoor barn venue love, this is a beautiful way to make a statement. Even in just using greenery, there is so much more dimension than one would ever expect to be possible in it, and so many ways to use it around your wedding. Here are just three of the many ways that we are loving greenery throughout weddings right now.

  1. A really beautiful way that you can incorporate greenery into your wedding is through the use of ceremony backdrops. You can do this by attaching vines to the wall behind you, using small arches to create a greenery archway, or get even more creative by using hanging greenery from either a wall, tapestry, or the ceiling!
  2. We’ve been seeing the flower crown for years now, but the greenery crown is emerging! It is a fun, simpler twist on a classic hair piece for the bride to wear. This might be a fun touch to the finished look if you are more of a minimalist, but still love the idea of having a flower crown.
  3. A unique way to bring greenery into the reception is by greenery “chandelier.” This can be put in the middle of the venue, hanging from an actual chandelier, over specific tables, or anywhere else! It is not something we see often, but it is a stunning and unique way to add greenery throughout the wedding, and not just in the ceremony. 
  4. Last but not least, you can always add greenery to the cake! A popular cake style recently have been naked cakes, and while these are great for the simplicity, they look even better when a couple of touches are added! Think about adding some succulents, sprigs of thyme, rosemary, or any other leafy-vine type for a classy, but fun touch.