How to Get Rid of Nerves on Your Wedding Day

How to Get Rid of Nerves on Your Wedding Day

You’ve spent months (or years) planning the big day; now it’s finally here! Nerves are to be expected, but you don’t want them to distract you or get in the way of enjoying your wedding day. We’ve put together a list of easy ways to ditch the nerves so you can enjoy every second of your wedding day. 


Have Trust

From the venue to your florist, you’ve hired vendors that you love, and now it’s time to put your trust in them! You’ve gone over the details with them, and while it’s understandable to worry, remember why you hired them in the first place. They handle hundreds of weddings a year! They know the drill, and they are going to put on a fantastic wedding for you.  


Embrace Imperfections 

While it can be heartbreaking when things go wrong after months of planning, what matters is the love between you and your partner. If there are any imperfections on the day of your wedding, try your hardest to embrace and accept them. The good news? You and your wedding vendor will be the only ones that know that there is any imperfection at all! 


Schedule You Time 

The day will be hectic; schedule time in the morning to give yourself a little time to be alone. Having the time away from everyone will help you settle your nerves and center yourself before the hectic day begins. Whether you want to enjoy an indulgent breakfast with tea or go for a walk, make sure you do something you enjoy and will help settle your mind. 


Create a Playlist

Make yourself a playlist for the morning of your wedding with all of your favorite tunes. It will help you enjoy your morning, relax, and listen to songs that bring you joy. Choose songs that make you think of your partner and songs that make you feel positive and excited! Don’t forget to pack your Bluetooth speaker and a charger so you can listen to tunes all morning. 


Plan A First Look 

While some couples skip the first look, planning a first look helps settle nerves before you tie the knot. Your partner knows you best and is excellent at easing your anxiety. Having some time together before the ceremony is a great way to ditch last-minute nerves and have a moment alone, just the two of you (and your photographer!) It’s an intimate moment but will help you feel more excited and less nervous. 


Identify Anxieties

Before the big day, identify a list of things that would cause you anxiety. Think about the different things and set up a hierarchy list to see which things you can accept and deal with and what items you may want to develop a backup plan for. It will give you perspective on your anxiety and help you identify what is indeed a big concern and what isn’t. Talk about your stressors with your partner and your vendors; they will help squash some of the worries and reduce stress levels. You’ll feel more prepared on your wedding day, and in case anything doesn’t go to plan, you’ll feel less anxious about it. 


Schedule Extra Time 

When you sit down to plan your wedding timeline, consider adding in buffer times between big moments. The morning shouldn’t be rushed so that you can take in every moment and take some time alone. Build in some extra time to the morning schedule; it will give you a moment or two to step away and add spare time if anything runs over the time allotted. This way, you won’t have to worry or stress about starting the ceremony late. 


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