How to Handle Last Minute Unexpected Weather

How to Handle Last Minute Unexpected Weather | DFW Wedding Venue

Every couple imagines their wedding day is going to be a perfect sunny day. But what if it isn’t? Here’s how to handle last minute unexpected weather.

5 words. Work with a wedding planner. This is key to ensure that your backup plan will be successful. Talented wedding planners have plenty of experience dealing with unexpected last-minute problems such as rain in the forecast. A planner can help order tents or work with the venue to keep your guests dry and your day perfect without you having to stress about it.

The good news is that with a few simple adjustments and a well-thought-out plan B, you can still have the perfect day you’ve always dreamed of.

Have your wedding planner help you plan out how you want your backup space to look. Avoid any decor disasters by designing your backup space as you’re pulling together your vision for your dream space. Figure out where your flowers will go, where your wedding party will stand during the ceremony, and what the backdrop for your first dance will be. The more effort you put into designing the space from the get-go, the better you’ll feel if you have to throw out your original plan at the last minute.

And remember — you still get to marry your partner and embark on an amazing life together! That’s something that no bad forecast can stop.