How to Relax When He Hasn’t Popped The Question Yet

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If you’re googling the best Dallas wedding venue and planning your dream wedding before your boyfriend has proposed – don’t worry, most of us have been there. Here are some tips to relax when he hasn’t popped the question yet.


This is not your event to manage, besides there is no wrong way to propose. Rest assured if you’re thinking about marriage he most likely is to and whenever he does propose it will be unique to your love story. Your time is coming, probably sooner than you think.

Focus on the big picture

The truth is you won’t be pre-engaged forever. Chances are you’ve already spent some significant life events with each other. Savor each stage of your journey together, after all it’s about your love for each other not about proving it to the world with a little bling on your ring finger. Though that will come in time too.

Play it cool

If you’re getting constant questions about when you’re getting married simply say “Soon. We’re taking our time and paying attention to our needs as a couple.” He needs time to get all his ducks in a row so take this time to do the same.

Prioritize your relationship

Everyone’s different, there’s no rule that say you have to be proposed to after such and such time. The strength and health of your relationship is not determined by whether or not you have a ring on your finger.

So relax and be patient. We’ll be here when he does pop the question and help you celebrate!