Bring interior design trends to your barn wedding venue

Barn Wedding Venue | The White Sparrow Barn Wedding Venue

Inspired by 2016’s interior design trends? So are we! And versatility is what we love most about our barn wedding venue. Its whitewashed walls make it easy to tailor our barn’s interior to suit any style. From dusty blue fabrics to the ever-popular fiddle leaf fig tree, we’re swooning over interior design trends that can easily be brought into your wedding reception décor.

You can find a few of our favorite interior design trends right here. Let the coziness and style of a well-designed interior inspire details of your wedding day for an on-trend event that guests will never forget:

  • Mid-century: mid-century modern is back in a big way, and we couldn’t be happier. We’re loving the retro vibes of this aesthetic, and love seeing how interior designers (and brides!) put a contemporary spin on these retro classics. The simple lines and clean look of mid-century modern design are sure to bring an elegantly minimalistic feel to your event. To emulate this popular interior design trend, clear the clutter; let simplicity speak volumes by narrowing down décor elements to simple items that are purposefully placed throughout the venue. Consider bringing wood elements and a retro color palette to your big day for a clean mid-century-inspired feel.
  • Low furniture: following mid-century modern themes, choose low furniture to draw attention to high ceilings and natural lighting. Arrange sitting areas with a couch (our gray velvet is perfect for this!) and a few chairs to encourage intimate conversation among guests.
  • Warm metals: move over, bright and shiny gold… There’s a new metal in town this season, and it’s here to stay for awhile! We’re welcoming the return of rich copper metallics, the perfect metal neutral to complement any hue. You won’t be installing copper sink fixtures at your wedding, but you can bring copper to life in the details. Hang a copper lighting accent near the welcome table, scatter copper candlesticks across your tabletops, or finish off your invitation suite with copper-colored wax seals. Add depth to any arrangement with textured copper, whether brushed or hammered.
  • Cool stones: while metals are warming up, stone textures are cooling down. Soft whites have made their appearances in understated subway tile patterns, while rounded gray pebbles add a darker drama to contrast light tones. Bring elements of your favorite look to the table with white calligraphy on charcoal-colored place card stones. And while we’re talking about cool-toned stones…
  • Marble… everywhere! Marble is huge this season, and it has definitely debuted into the wedding scene. From marble escort cards to cake stand rounds, we’ve seen this stone take off as a huge hit this season. You can incorporate marble anywhere and everywhere for a modern twist on classic design—invitation design, tabletop details, you name it!
  • Fiddle leaf fig trees: Are we the only ones crushing on the fiddle leaf fig tree trend? These pretty plants add an organic touch to any setting with oversized green leaves and a streamlined thin trunk. There’s no reason you can’t bring a few to your wedding day! Place them near the entrance to your barn wedding venue or next to a welcome sign for an organic (yet sophisticated) detail.

Which style elements have you swooning? We’d love to hear what inspires you and your home… and we’d love to brainstorm how those elements can come to life on your wedding day! Keep an eye out for more interior trends that are sure to hit the wedding industry. We’re excited to see the unique details you bring to our barn wedding venue, and we’re happy to help in any way we can.

Happy planning!