Make the most of your barn wedding venue: ideas for going beyond the wedding ceremony

We love booking our barn wedding venue for lovely brides and occasions to remember. Gorgeous weddings in open, airy spaces make us swoon over at the White Sparrow Barn! As sumptuous as these elegant nuptials can be, they’re not the only use of a charming barn venue. Brides, don’t forget to take advantage of your barn wedding venue! Go beyond the wedding ceremony and reception to make the most of your barn wedding venue every step of the way.


  • Engagement photo session: Give your venue a test run and get gorgeous photos by booking an engagement photo shoot at your barn wedding venue. This will give you another chance to get familiar with the venue, and take home some beautiful shots of you and your husband-to-be. A barn venue is the perfect versatile choice for engagement photo shoots… with indoor and outdoors photo ops, styled furniture, and private rooms for changing outfits, your venue is an accommodating place to create treasured photo memories.
Alison Faith Photography
  • Bridal portrait session: You won’t want to skimp on this photo opportunity! Take advantage of the venue you love by booking a bridal portrait session in the same place you’ll be celebrating I do. You won’t regret having these photos available for display at your reception, and your groom will love having a professional portrait of you as a shining bride.
Taylor Lord Photography
Taylor Lord Photography
  • Boudoir portrait session: This one takes a little courage, but you (and your groom) certainly won’t regret it. Find a photographer you trust, and book a boudoir session at your barn wedding venue. You’ll already be familiar with the space and more comfortable during your session, plus the natural lighting at the barn venue will flatter you at every angle. Privacy won’t be a concern when you’re working with a vendor director you know and trust. And, we think there’s something special about taking your intimate boudoir photos in the same space where you plan to wed.

    Anna Smith Photography
  • Before I do: ask your wedding venue about the option of adding hours (if needed) to your booking. Having an intimate, photogenic place to get ready for your big day will give you heartwarming time with your maids before you walk down the aisle. And your getting-ready photos will be even more exquisite with beautiful lighting, stylish venue furniture, and a backdrop of dramatic textures.
  • One year later: mark your calendars for an anniversary photo shoot one year after you say I do. If you plan in advance, you can even take recurring photos from year to year documenting changes along the way. Coming back to the place where it all started will be a perfect way to spend your anniversary day, and will result in precious mementos you can add to your photo collection at home.
  • Someday…  come back to see us someday when your family grows to be more than just two. Taking maternity photos (and, later, family portraits) in the same special place where the two of you founded your love story makes for a sweet and sentimental photo shoot.

When you find a venue you love, don’t miss out on the opportunity to use it as often as possible. Talk to your venue director about chances to use the space before and after your wedding day—you’ll treasure experiences in a place you already know you adore.

If you need more ideas on photo shoots or would like to talk about booking sessions with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’d love to host you for any occasion, leading up to and beyond your wedding day.