Most Amazing Ways to Use Ice Cream in Your Summer Wedding

Most Amazing Ways to Use Ice Cream in Your Summer Wedding

Talk about (almost) limitless flavors. No really. Is there any other dessert on this planet that offers you so many options in flavors? If you are having a warm-weather wedding, ice-cream is truly a great option to wow your guests with.

From an ice cream wedding cake, to ice cream take-home favors, you can choose a lot of ways to serve ice cream at your wedding. Almost all of us have some of our fondest childhood memories around scoops and cones of ice cream. So why not take your guests down the memory lane while serving them a big helping of this decadent goodness?

Ice cream cones

Did you and your sweetheart fell in love with each other over enjoying ice cream cones? Then you might want to serve mini ice cream cones to your guests. Talk about delicious photo-props!

Ice cream wedding cake

Usually, ice cream cakes are made of a sponge core and then layered with ice cream – layers and layers of ice cream! So who else wants an ice cream cake?

Ice cream sandwiches

What’s better than ice cream? Ice cream sandwiches, that’s what. Made with your favorite flavors of cookies and ice cream, this sandwich is enough to cool your guests in the prickly weather.

Gelato treats

If you are in the mood for some European themed dessert options, pick gelato. It’s not only low-fat, but also much silkier in texture than regular ice cream.

Ice cream cones

Apparently, we can’t get enough of ice cream cones. Make your cones more fun by using different colored and textured ones at your reception party.

Ice cream truck

From your 8 year old nephew to 80 year old granny, everyone will be awed if there’s an actual ice cream truck at your wedding. What better way to put them in a joy-induced coma, right?

A Sundae bar

If there is one way to ensure your guests have a blast, it’s to give them a make-your-own sundae option. Don’t forget to include fresh fruit toppings for the health-conscious guests.

Delight in a cup

Serve different flavors of drip-free ice cream in cute cups to delight your guests. Unlike cones, these are crumb-free and really easy to eat.

Ice cream cart

Why not just make your guests even happier and put out an ice cream cart! There are various ice cream vendors that supply organic and sustainable frozen treats; you might want to get hold of them.

Ice cream favors

Want to offer some icy-goodness favors to your guests? Contact your favorite ice cream vendor and ask them if they provide drip-free to-go containers of ice cream in various flavors. We really can’t think a better favor for your summer wedding.

Affogato is life

In case you dint know, Affogato is an Italian treat made with ice cream and coffee. Need we say more? Two of the world’s most delicious foods in one go. You guys, it doesn’t get better than Affogato. Offer your guests a taste of this decadent treat in your wedding or reception party.