Pros and Cons of a First Look

Fort Worth Barn Venue

Fort Worth Barn Venue

First looks are becoming more popular at weddings. We have seen many happen at our Fort Worth barn venue. A first look is when the couple opts to see each other before the wedding, rather than the first time being the bride walking down the aisle. There are pros and cons to doing this that every couple should think about.


  • A first look gives you a more intimate first look with each other, rather than all of your family and friends being there. It would be a sweet moment between you and your significant other to reminisce on.
  • The pictures that you will have from this first look will be equally as sweet as the moment itself. The moment of seeing each other will have you both swooning at the pictures later on. There will be so much love in these.
  • Lastly, having a first look before the wedding will probably help calm both of your nerves. Being able to see each other will remind you how exciting this day is!


  • Something that wedding guests always say is that they love seeing the groom’s look as the bride walks down the aisle. Doing a first look beforehand would make this first look in front of everyone not possible.
  • Another con might be if you or your family love tradition. Doing a first look definitely goes against the grain of what we are used to in wedding tradition. Tradition can be important, so if it is to you and your family, a first look may not be for you.

Maybe you like going against the grain and maybe you love tradition. Either way, your big day will be beautiful and special because it is your big day. Only you can decide if a first look is right for you.