Questions Every Bridal Party Member Thinks About Asking

As a popular Texas venue we know being a part of the wedding party is a joyous occasion but it’s not always simple. There are typical questions that arise that are uncomfortable to talk to the bride and groom about. Here are some tips on navigating these questions as they arise.

“Can I say no to being a bridesmaid or groomsman?”

While you can always say no if you have a legitimate reason (pregnancy, finances, etc.) it’s an honor if your friend wants you to be such a big part of their special day. This is definitely something you should discuss with the bride or groom, you might be able to work out some sort of compromise for whatever is holding you back and still keep your friendship intact.

“These bridesmaid dresses are very unflattering should we tell the bride?”

While you might not like the style or it makes you feel a little uncomfortable really evaluate whether it’s worth discussing with the bride. If it really is bothering everyone consider having the maid or matron of honor talk with the bride. At the end of the day though it’s her decision and it would be easier on everyone if the bridal party just tried their best to enjoy the day despite the attire.

“I was asked to give a speech and I get terrible stage fright. Can I politely decline?”

Most nerves can be calmed with enough practice. The bride and groom chose you so you must be really important to them. If you really don’t think any amount of planning would keep you from passing out definitely talk to the bride and groom and explain the situation to them.