Say Yes to the Perfect Dress in the Perfect Venue

For so many of newly engaged brides-to-be, selecting your dress and your venue are two of the top to-do’s to tackle. But, finding the perfect dress and the perfect place to wear it can be difficult, so we wanted to give you a few tips:

  1. We know everyone is excited, but don’t invite the whole family to join you in your search. Generally it’s best to invite no more than 5 people to the bridal boutique or venue tour. Your event should be about you and your soon-to-be spouse, so make sure that the people you invite understand what you are looking for.
  2. Plan ahead! On average your dress will need to be ordered months in advance and its not uncommon for venues to book up more than a year in advance.
  3. Arrange multiple appointments to keep things orderly. Since there will likely be months between the time you purchase your dress to the time you wear it, you’ll need to schedule fittings to ensure everything is ready for the big day. Similarly, you’ll have a lot of down-time between the time you book your venue until your event. More than likely you won’t need multiple visits, but you will want to schedule a walk-thru with the venue prior to the date.