Southern Wedding Traditions every Texas bride should know about

Texas Southern Wedding Inspiration

Southerners have a knack to do everything differently; from our beer to our weddings, everything seems just so much more charming! Are we biased? No, not at all! And we’re fixin’ to show you some of the best southern wedding traditions if you want to join the ranks of those proud southern brides.

#1 Pulling out the charms

As per this adorable tradition, a handful of charms are hidden inside the cake. These charms symbolize different fortunes, for example, a 4-leaf clover means good luck; a hot air balloon means adventurous journey ahead; a rocking chair means a long and healthy life. Each charm is tied to a ribbon in such a way that the charm hides inside the cake and you can only see the ribbon. Then the bridesmaids (and close friends) of the southern bride are invited to take 1 ribbon each and pull it out gently. The charm they get decides what the future holds in store for them.

#2 Painting the town red with girlfriends

It is a southern tradition where the mother of the bride hosts an intimate luncheon for her daughter and her bridesmaids. It’s actually a very beautiful and thoughtful gesture which lets the bride relax and enjoy a relaxed evening with her close bridesmaids and friends. Also, bride takes some time out to express her gratitude to her bridal party. This luncheon is hosted just a day (or a couple of days) before the wedding so anybody who lives out-of- town can attend too.

#3 When one cake is not enough

Oh, how we absolutely love this one. In a typical southern wedding, there is a wedding cake (of course), a bridesmaids’ cake (huh?), a groomsmen cake (umm..), and a guests’ cake (WTH!). You see, we love our cake and we eat it too. Other than the traditional white tiered wedding cake, there are 3 cakes for your bridesmaids, the groomsmen and your beloved guests.

#4 Hiding the Bourbon

Looks like it might rain on your big day? Fortunately, the southern grandmamas figured out a way to prevent the rain from…raining on your wedding parade. According to this age old superstition, if you hide a bottle of bourbon by burying it deep in the ground at the wedding venue, it won’t rain. To be more specific, the bourbon should be brand new (still sealed), and should be buried exactly thirty days before the wedding.

#5 You need a Pounding!

Don’t worry, it’s not as X rated as it sounds. According to this southern wedding tradition, friends and family of the bride and groom gift the newlyweds all the pantry essentials – eggs, flour, butter, and sugar – by the pound. This is a pretty fun gathering of all your near and dear ones; it’s more like a housewarming party.