Spring Wedding Inspiration at the Barn

Spring Wedding Inspiration at the Barn | The White Sparrow Barn

There’s been a noticeable shift in weather here at our Texas wedding venue. Spring is in full swing here at White Sparrow Barn and we thought it only natural to feature some of the Spring weddings we’ve had the pleasure of hosting. So without further ado, here is some Spring wedding inspiration from weddings at our own barn!

Lemons and Donuts

What better way to bring in a Spring element than with bright pink and chocolate donuts covered in sprinkles? Not only does this bride have a donut wall, they brought in a pop of bright yellow with lemons sprinkled throughout their decor. There’s just something about having fruit at a Spring wedding that seems so appropriate. With everything blooming in Spring we don’t see why you can’t incorporate your favorite fruit or bloom in to your wedding, especially if it’s local!

Floral Print Bridesmaids

Maybe you don’t have the kind of budget to bring in florals or fruits in to ever flat surface. Worry not. Simply have florals or fruit pattern incorporated in to your bridesmaids dresses instead. That’s exactly what this bride did and it’s a fun, natural look and oh so pretty in pictures.