Summer Microweddings

Summer Microweddings

Summer Microweddings

One of our favorite things about being your wedding venue is seeing your special day through your eyes. Your wedding is the unique reflection of you and your partner, and no two weddings ever feel the same. This is especially true right now—during our global pandemic. Sheltering in place and social distancing are our new normal, which has thrown a lot of wedding couples into a tailspin. Understandably. Your hopes and dreams feel lost, stolen, and postponed (at best). But we are happy to share with you two new wedding trends we really love: the microwedding and the minimony.

The microwedding is, you guessed it, your dream wedding—only smaller. Typically, microweddings include no more than 50 guests and offer an intimate and memorable affair. Summer Microweddings are a wonderful option right now because they aim to keep you and your guests healthy and safe, without sacrificing all the special touches you thoughtfully planned for your big day.

Microweddings allow guests to be a special part of your wedding experience. You’ll enjoy quality time with your guests in a private setting that feels extra roomy. Plus, with fewer people, you’ll all feel cooler during the hot Texas summer months (wink!). Microweddings are easy on the wallet; and with fewer guests, they may even afford you splurges like top-shelf libations and three-course meals. Pop goes the Veuve!

Minimonies are even smaller than micros and typically include an officiant and family or close friends. With fewer than ten guests, these planned ceremonies capture a snapshot of your big day, informally. You can exchange those uncut wedding vows, giggle while you kiss, or practice that first dance without 400 eyes on you. Less formal and more intimate, minimonies offer couples a beautiful way to say I DO now . . . and I DO later—at your sequel wedding down the road.

Many of our wedding couples are electing a minimony for wedding dates originally set for May and June, with sequel weddings at the White Sparrow Barn once we ease back into a normal rhythm again. We are happy to accommodate any number of guests fewer than 50, and we have special precautions in place to ensure you and your guests will live healthily ever after. Get in touch to learn more about how the White Sparrow Barn can provide the wedding of your dreams.