14 Summer Wedding Flower Ideas for a Texas Wedding

DFW Summer Wedding Inspiration

This delightful season is the favorite among the flower lovers. Fresh and intensely colored blooms of all shapes and sizes can be found this time of year. And that’s exactly why it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect flower arrangement ideas for your wedding.

Whether your taste runs toward rustic charm or refined elegance, these gorgeous wedding flower arrangements have something for everyone. From centerpieces to tablescapes, get ready to set the bars high.

Fairy Tale Arch:

We don’t know about you, but for us, a rustic outdoor wedding in DFW is just not complete without a ceremony arch. You can create an arch that looks as natural as if it sprouted on its own, oh-so-casually.

It all begins with a simple rustic wooden frame strewn with armfuls of tomato vines, dahlias, hydrangeas, lisianthus, ferns, clematis, heuchera, and good old grasses. To make it look more natural, place earthen pots of green plants along the pathway to the arch.

Delicious Wedding Spread:

Oh, the summer berries. Delight your guests with a luxurious and decadent spread that’s a vision to behold. Curate a collection of fresh juicy blueberries, strawberries, and cherries along with petite pies and mini cakes. Now set the feast on white pedestals of different shapes and sizes in an artistic array.

Summer Bonanza Tablescape:

Nothing says summer as well as a blast of color. Choose the season favorite garden roses, dahlias, scabiosa, hydrangeas, and clematis vines, and set them up in vintage urns for a charming effect. Then mix in some fresh and fragrant herbs, raspberries, and beets to offset the green in vines. Complete the look with antique brass flatware and classic plates.

A Whimsical Clutch:

The thing with the summer bouquets is there are so many choices! You can go for a rich vibrant color or soft luscious one. For a true summer wedding bouquet, choose a combination of faintly-pink scabiosa, soft orange garden roses, pale white dahlias, gentle Queen Annes’s Lace, and plush clematis vines. For a quirky touch, add some golden beets to the mix.

Basil Magic:

For an interesting twist in the aroma of your bouquet, you can choose fragrant basil instead of foliage, and keep it fresh with a mix of viburnum berries, sea oat grass, pale garden roses, and butterfly weed.

A Central Attraction:

As a general rule, the flower arrangements are mostly interrelated – created in a way that every bouquet and tablescape matches each other. But it doesn’t have to be that way. To create a visual masterpiece, choose one unique center of focus that appears in most of your arrangements. Like a rustic bucket filled with figs, ornamental grasses, pale hydrangeas pokeweed, and intense red garden roses.

A Rustic Tablescape:

If it’s an outdoor setting, you can incorporate wares that are made of wood and stone like a wooden table and salt-pepper shakers made out of stone! Fresh dahlias, garden roses, and viburnum berries are a great way to complement this rustic farm-like DFW theme.

When the Décor is Edible:

Who said you can only use flowers to make gorgeous arrangements? Throw in some season fresh peaches, raspberries, blueberries, or ripe tomatoes! If you can eat it, you can display it.

The Hanging Backdrop

We love this one. It reminds us of those grand old stone castles where overgrowing wild vines create a naturally surrounding view. To get this effect, use the suspended iron rods on the ceiling and hang a delightful mix of jasmine vine, beech foliage, clematis flowers, and passionflower vine. And voila! You’re surrounded by nature.

Mix it up:

Again, as a general rule of thumb, when it comes to choosing the wedding color palette, brides think of pale pastels and blush pinks. You can make it much more unique and interesting by using a touch of bright red roses, and burgundy wine ranunculus, in your arrangement of creamy dahlias, scabiosa, astilbes, hydrangeas, and gladiolus.

Back to basics:

To create a truly earthy sophistication, use some antique terra cotta, vases of different sizes, and fill them up with fresh zingy blooms such as lisianthus, dahlias, zinnias, hydrangeas, and scabiosa. For a good measure, throw in some baby green tomatoes to get that elegant look.

Cascading Bouquets:

What’s more delightful than a summery bouquet cascading down your dreamy white wedding gown! Choose a single bloom, say, a peach-colored zinnia and build the rest of your bouquet around it in a mass of hydrangeas, lisianthus, pearl barley, spirea, ninebark, snowberries, mountain mint, and more zinnias. Tie the bunch together with a pale coral (or any other) silk ribbon.

Tired of Vases?:

If you want to do something new, choose a single iron feeding trough instead of multiple smaller vases for centerpiece. For example, a 7 foot long feeding trough filled with pink spray roses, coxcombs, dahlias, sword, and umbrella ferns, will transform your tablescape than any vase arrangement.

Floral Necklaces:

Make the bridesmaids have some fun by giving them floral necklaces instead of same old bouquets! Choose same flowers that you would for a bouquet, minimize it into a small bunch, and string this together on a silver chain. You can also have this made for your mother and maid of honor; that way they won’t have to carry bouquets.