Taking Advantage of the Outdoor Space

Dallas Barn Venue

Dallas Barn Venue

At our Dallas barn venue, we love our outdoor space. It is beautiful and has plenty of great spots for taking your wedding pictures at. Another great thing about an outdoor space is everything that can be done outdoors that cannot be done indoors. We highlighted a couple of unique outdoor reception ideas that will keep everyone having fun.

Play yard games! Bring corn hole, or giant versions of all the games we loved as kids – Jenga, tic-tac-toe. Outdoor, easy to play games will give guests a chance to get break from dancing without feeling like they have nothing to do. To bring you back to your college days, you can even set up tables for beer pong or flip cup.

Use bespoke wagons instead of tables for things like desserts or drinks. This is one of those things that you can really only do outdoors, so take advantage of this! It will add a fun flair to your reception no matter what you serve from it. If you like the idea, but want bigger options for serving, use the wagon the florals only! Decorate it up with your florist and make it a feature item.

Look into a mobile wine bar! this is a new trend that is booming more and more popular in the event and wedding industry. It is the same concept as a food truck, but instead of food, it is your bar for the night.

Rent some couches and comfortable chairs to create lounge areas throughout the reception area for your guests to sit down. in comfort for a little bit; this will also give the reception a cozy feel. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of furniture, rent or buy rugs for a more casual atmosphere. This will make it feel like an outdoor picnic party.