The Best Fall Wedding Colors

choice Texas barn venue

Choice Texas Barn Venue

There are so many color palette options to choose from for your autumn wedding! Ranging from subtly fall to leaves falling on the ground colors, we have so many great ideas for you. As your choice Texas barn venue, we are a beautiful white, blank canvas for any type of color palette.

Dark purples coupled with marigolds, mustard yellows, or dark oranges are the perfect subtle fall color palette. The dark purple pulls in the darker tones from the season, while the pop of the yellows or oranges add just enough lightness to keep it from being a winter palette. If you don’t like the idea of such bright pops of colors, use neutrals to fill in the rest of the color palette. You can see some inspiration for this below.

choice Texas barn venue

Forest greens and cranberry colors are almost in the Christmas palette, but just far enough away in shade to be perfect for fall. The forest green is reminiscent of the leaves’ most recent color while the cranberry color brings in the current color of leaves. It is subtle and fully fall at the same time.

If you want to go fully fall for your palette, choose different shades of oranges and reds. Stay in an overall monochromatic palette between these two. Pull in a cream to keep the color choice from being too overwhelming, and you have the perfect autumn color palette to work with!

However you choose to create your color palette, we would love to see it at our barn wedding venue! If you are already booked with us, we are so excited to see how it comes together. If you are still looking for a venue for your perfect fall wedding, contact us today to learn about what autumn-time dates we have available for 2020!