The Best of Altars

The Best of Altars | The White Sparrow Barn DFW

1. The Archway:

The archway is the most traditional option, it’s also the most flexible in terms of creativity. You can have anything from a wire cage to a wooden base covered in florals. It’s a beautiful and simple way to create the altar at your ceremony and frame you and your fiancé.

2. The Doorway:

In some weddings a doorway is the perfect touch for the entrance or backdrop for your altar. It’s especially perfect for an outdoor setting. Write a saying or draw an image on the inside or outside of the doors for a surprise when they open.

3. Lanterns or Lights:

Frame your altar with an archway of lights or a circle of lights. Or hang lanterns or lights as a backdrop of your ceremony.

4. Curtains:

Hang curtains as an arch or an entrance to your aisle. This greats an elegant look and can easily be used with lights to make it glow.

5. The Circle:

Create a circle around the altar with lights, greenery, or something off the wall to be different than the traditional altar arrangement.