The Difference Between a Wedding Designer, Wedding Planner, and a Wedding Coordinator

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The Difference Between a Wedding Designer, Wedding Planner, and a Wedding Coordinator 

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a wedding designer, planner, stylist, coordinator, and florist are? You’re not alone! While some of their duties certainly overlap, they are responsible for different wedding day elements. We’ve broken down their duties to help you distinguish the perfect option for your big day. 

Wedding Planner 

Wedding planners are the most popular, and they are there to help with everything when it comes to logistics. From scheduling vendor meetings to managing your vendor budgets, they help ensure that your vendors are booked, on budget, and all set for the big day. Wedding planners will help you coordinate hotel rooms and transportation for your guests, letting you stress less about the logistics the day of your wedding. On the day of the rehearsal, they will manage the wedding party and oversee it to ensure everything is ready to go. On the wedding day, they handle everything to ensure the day is executed smoothly. From making sure guests are seated on time to managing your vision and vendors, your wedding planner will make sure everything is running smoothly.

Some planners will provide design or styling services and helping with the creative specifics of your wedding day. Be sure to check with your planner beforehand to see what design services they offer! 

Wedding Coordinator 

A wedding coordinator typically meets with you about 4-8 weeks before your wedding. Similar to a planner, their primary focus is on the logistics of your wedding. The coordinator steps in when you have planned most of the details. They will go over the details of the day and check that all of your vendors are in place. From a day of timeline to ensuring payments are complete, they are the perfect addition if you need someone to take care of last-minute details or are on a budget. They are there on the day of coordinating everything, from timing to set up and breakdown of the vendors. 

Wedding Designers

Wedding designers focus on the aesthetics of the wedding and help with decisions that will give your wedding a cohesive and stylish look. Your wedding designer is there to ensure that every last detail of your wedding will fit with your vision, your venue, and your budget. This means that they will be responsible for everything that affects the overall look and vibe, from the venue to the linens. They create the wedding design concept, provide color guidance, source unique props (if necessary), and ensure all decor elements are in place on your wedding day. If decor is essential to you, hiring a wedding designer will help you feel confident that your wedding day has a creative and stylish look. 

Wedding Stylist

While similar to a designer, a wedding stylist gets involved towards the end of the planning process. Their primary focus is the overall look and feel of the wedding and will help you manage the finishing touches and style details. On the big day, they will make sure that all of the styled-components are being incorporated to enhance the look of your wedding. Stylists will work with your photographer to ensure those details are being photographed. Their specialty is taking your vision that you (and your team) have in mind to make sure it is being displayed perfectly.  

Wedding Florist

A wedding florist is responsible for all the florals on your big day. They will ask you about your venue, your vision, color, linens, and more! This helps them create the perfect floral arrangement that will work will the vision you are looking to create. Their primary focus is on the florals and ensuring that they fit with your wedding theme. 

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