The Magic of Microweddings

The Magic of Microweddings

The Magic of MicroweddingsIt’s wedding season and you’re looking for ways to add personal touches to your wedding amid the pandemic. Meet the magic of the microwedding.

Microweddings are smaller weddings that create greater intimacy, luxury and affordability; plus, they serve as a wonderful option for those who don’t want to postpone their wedding indefinitely.

In lieu of grand-scale weddings originally planned pre-pandemic, many of our wedding clients are turning to microweddings to get the celebration rolling. We love seeing couples pare down their guest list to create an intimate and meaningful wedding celebration for their family and closest friends. In many ways, microweddings reflect the subtle shift stirring in all our hearts that gently reminds us: people > things. This is the magic of the microwedding.

Let your guests take center stage with personal touches like these:

Assign seats with a sip of champagne

Write your guests a hand-written note

Allow guests to propose special toasts

Anticipate guests’ needs with personalized hand sanitizer, tissues, or aspirin

Serve late night bites as the reception starts winding down

Provide top-shelf libations and three-course dinners

Create a playlist comprised of your guests’ favorite songs

Offer guests personalized masks and gloves that reflect your wedding aesthetic

Include special wedding favors

Consider caricature or portraiture for guests

Allow guests to spread out with satellite bars or dance floors

Deliver wedding meals to elderly homebound guests or those who aren’t able to attend

It’s easier (and more affordable) to create meaningful surprises and personal touches with fewer guests. With a microwedding, couples are able to personalize their weddings with special splurges and thoughtful details that will make their guests an important part of their big day. 

What personal touches have inspired you to look into the magic of microweddings? Let us know! To check available microwedding or sequel wedding dates for the White Sparrow Barn, please click here.