The Perfect Colors for Our DFW White Barn Venue

DFW White Barn Venue

DFW White Barn Venue

You’re getting married in our beautiful DFW white barn venue and want the perfect color scheme to go with our rustic white walls and shiplap style. The colors really goes a long way in a wedding and we want you to choose the best color scheme for you. We’re here to tell you about our favorite color palettes that we have seen at our venue over the years so that you can take some inspiration for your big day.

Summery pastels are always a go-to at our white barn! Using colors like in the picture above, you can make your big day have a light and airy feel. Using these colors you can add in touches of watercolor, lots of different pastel colors, and dark green and gold accents. You’ll look back at photos from this color scheme and want to relive the day all over again!

For a minimal look, just do whites and greens! Using white florals and plenty of greenery will add the perfect texture, rather than color throughout your decor. This choice has an elegant, yet minimal feel that is perfect for the couple that likes the more lowkey approach.

Using one color to pop-out amongst the rest of your lowkey colors is another great way to go. Using muted pinks and rose pink colors with a pop of true red is a stunning way to do this trend. The pinks and the red will stand out amongst our white walls.

There are so many other color schemes that stand out stunningly in our venue! These are just some of the favorites that we have seen. We can’t wait to see what colors and what decor you use at our DFW white barn wedding venue! Contact us to talk about your upcoming big day, today.