These Wedding Banner Ideas are all the Rage in Dallas 2017

Here’s something new for all you Dallas wedding trend watchers: wedding banners or most commonly known as wedding signs! Okay, so the idea is not new, but their increasing popularity sure is.

Using banners in your Dallas wedding décor is the cutest way to add that touch of personalization to the event. From welcome banners to direction banners, you can have so much fun with these! And that’s not all; you can put up a banner over the ceremony backdrop to make it more meaningful, or print the details of your wedding on one.

Since the whole point of wedding banners is to hang them in such a spot that they catch the attention of guests, you can make them the focal point of your wedding décor. Need some inspiration? Here are our favorite wedding banner ideas for you.

You are Welcome:

First impressions are often the most important ones. Set the tone right from the get go by putting up a banner to welcome your guests. You can consider a silk banner with calligraphy script if you’re getting married indoor, or you can hang a frayed linen banner from tree branches if it’s an outdoor ceremony.

Your friends and family will be delighted with this thoughtful gesture. The color of the banner totally depends on you; you can match it with your wedding color palette, or choose something scroll-like to go with a traditional theme.

Direct your Guests in the Right Direction:

If your guests need to walk a little from the parking lot to reach your ceremony venue, a directional banner is great idea. Hang a couple of banners that say something like “Ceremony This Way” to reassure the guests that they are going in the right direction. Don’t you think a directional banner is better than having your guests call you to ask the directions to the venue?

Better than Escort Cards:

If you’d like to do away with traditional escort cards to guide your guests to their assigned seats, banner seating chart is your thing! Hang a banner at the reception entrance that lists the table numbers alongside the guests’ names. This way all the guests can quickly scan the banner to find their respective seats; they won’t even need to wait in line to grab their escort cards!

What would you like to drink?:

A banner hung over the cocktail bar, listing all the offerings is a great way to get your guests to order what they like. You can even list the ingredients that go in the signature cocktails and other drinks, or have them illustrated for a cute banner idea. This will help the guests decide what drink they would like to order while they wait in queue.

Eco-friendly Menu:

For all the minimalist and environmental conscious brides out there, consider hanging multiple menu banners around the reception space, instead of printed cards. You can have the menu displayed via oversized banners; don’t just hang one banner, but multiple banners all around so all the guests will be able to see them.