Tips For An Outdoor Wedding

DFW Barn Wedding

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor DFW barn wedding venue for your big day? The White Sparrow Barn is the best indoor and outdoor venue in the DFW area! What all do you need to know about having an outdoor wedding, though? We’re here to tell you all of the tips that you should know for your outdoor wedding.

One of the most important pieces of advice that we can give you for an outdoor wedding is to go to a venue with a back-up option! The White Sparrow Barn does that for you! If the weather is looking like it won’t permit your wedding – ceremony or reception – to be outside anymore, we have our barn to fall back on!

After the most most important tip of making sure to have a back-up option, think about the shoes that you’re wearing, as well! If the weather looks like it is going to be rainy or has been rainy, you may want to avoid stilettos and opt for a flatter shoe or a kitten heel! You don’t want the heel of your nice high-heels to sink into any mud or dirt.

If you are having your wedding outside, make sure to have plenty to drink. Not even alcohol, but water, too! Your guests might get hot during your outdoor ceremony. If your reception is also outside, be sure to definitely have plenty of water! You can even spice it up and add fruit to your water, or opt for sparkling waters, like La Croix!

We would love to talk with you about our outdoor ceremony or reception options at The White Sparrow Barn! Be sure to contact us today to start the conversation about your big day; we would love to answer any questions about our venue for you.