Tips from Past Brides

Tips from Past Brides

Make decisions for you and your fiance.

Make decisions based on what you and your future spouse wants instead of what your friends or family want for you.

Spend less money on the dress.

You only wear it once. If you must spend extra on the dress lend or sell it to someone else afterwards. They will appreciate it and it’s worth will go further. There are lots of places that

Hire a photographer.

I used a family member and really don’t have any great pics of me and my husband because she brought the wrong lens and ran out of memory half way through. It was really disappointing. Don’t make the same mistake. The photos will be worth the money.

Choose the right venue and theme for you.

My family wanted a traditional church wedding and I wanted a non-religious ceremony. Do what makes you happy, in the long run no one will remember but you.

Enjoy Yourself.

It’s easy to get stressed and lose focus on what matters and why you’re getting married. It isn’t to have the perfect ceremony, it’s to celebrate your love for each other.