Recently Engaged? Here’s what to do first!


Recently engaged? Congratulations! We are so excited for you and your sweetheart. Engagement season (from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day) has officially arrived, so we expect to see quite a bit of bling between now and February. This time of year always makes our hearts pitter-patter at the unique love stories coming to life. We can’t wait to meet all of 2017-2018’s happy couples!

It’s no secret… there’s a big to-do list growing if you’ve recently agreed to tie the knot. Planning can be overwhelming, especially in the early stages. However, taking it one step at a time will cut down on stress and ensure a successful wedding day for everyone. If you’ve just said “yes!” here are the top items to take care of sooner rather than later:

  • Celebrate! First things first… savor this special moment! Take a week or two without diving into any planning responsibilities. Just enjoy being engaged! Raise a toast with friends, or have a celebratory dinner with family. Soak up the moment and enjoy your newfound fiancée status (and that gorgeous sparkling ring!)
  • Take care of your ring: After taking time to celebrate, one of your top priorities should be the ring. If your new engagement ring needs to be resized, handle it sooner rather than later. Plus, be sure to have it insured—better safe than sorry.
  • Get your nails done: Everyone (yes, everyone) is going to be asking for a look at that pretty engagement ring. Make sure your nails are manicured and ready for their close-up. Plus, a little pre-wedding planning pampering can’t hurt, right?
  • Talk about dates: Talk about a general timeline with your fiancé, and then with your families. Don’t set a date in stone just yet; there’s no guarantee your ideal date will be available with venues. But you do want to have a general idea—at least the desired season, perhaps the desired month.
  • Tour venues! Now the fun really begins! Everything starts to become real when you tour the site where “I do” is going to happen. Do a little research to narrow down your top wedding venues; then schedule a tour to see it in person. We hope The White Sparrow is on your list; we’d love nothing more than to dream about hosting your big day within our whitewashed walls.

If you handle these four items, you’ll be in great shape for the rest of the planning process. Take care of these tasks sooner rather than later to ensure smooth sailing as the planning progresses. And when you’re ready to take engagement photos, be sure to check out our post on what to bring to your engagement shoot!

Ready to schedule a tour with one of Texas’s top wedding venues? We hope so! Simply inquire with us to get started. Again, congratulations!