The trend we’re loving most right now…

Texas Barn Venue | The White Sparrow


The wedding industry is constantly brimming with creativity; it seems new styling ideas are introduced daily, and every bride has her own wedding personality. We live in a constant state of inspiration, and this wedding season is no exception. What’s our latest wedding trend crush? Textiles! Fabric has debuted in a huge way this season. Luxurious linen and its cousins (gauze, hand-dyed silk, chiffon, and rough-edged cotton) are bringing tactile elegance to our Texas barn venue weddings.

An elegant fabric has the power to unify your entire venue. Whether it’s soft table runners, or that pop of color you need throughout the space, textiles bring color, texture, and cohesion to any Texas barn venue. Combined with our favorite color palettes, linen is a winner every time.

First, we filled you in on our favorite ways to add texture to your wedding… but we’re taking that to the next level with these fabric-specific ideas for bringing soft textiles into your Texas barn venue. Take a peek!

  • Linens: trade in formal linens for an ethereal look with gauzy table linens. Use actual linen for a twist on the traditional look, or use gauze for a soft translucent overlay. Let them drape all the way to the floor, then contrast their soft texture with brass candlesticks or glass votives.
  • Table Runners: silk and gauze table runners are so on trend this season! And they’re versatile too. Lay out your table runner carefully for a more tailored look (perfect for a structured, modern bride), or take a more organic approach by bunching it down the center of a table. Top it with an oversized floral centerpiece or lush greenery. You can find stunning runners herehere and here.
  • Napkins: you can also swap formal napkins for a luxurious linen. This works best if you have an intimate wedding that allows you to splurge on a tactile detail. But if it’s in the cards, this is so worth the investment. It’s easy to get caught up in the things we see at a wedding… but the napkin is one of the few things guests actually touch. Make the napkin an integral detail to an overall experience.
  • Bouquet Ribbon: add this stunning textile trend to your bouquet. With long-flowing strips of fabric, you can create a stunning and dreamy feel. Keep rough edges to the fabric “ribbons” to enhance your overall soft and feminine look.
  • Detail Backdrop: you and your photographer will definitely want to capture your wedding-day details (jewelry, perfume, invitation, etc.). Soft fabric textures are the perfect backdrop for any of these items. Choose deeply-hued dyes like navy or burgundy to let diamond gems pop, or opt for blush and and cream colors that accent your signature perfume.
  • Boudoir Shoots: finally, don’t forget to bring gauzy textures to your boudoir shoot. A lightweight textile is an easy way to demurely cover up. It complements feminine beauty, and its thin veil ensures an alluring photo every time.

How are you using textiles this season? Are you loving linens and silks as much as we are? We’d love to hear all about your grand ideas for the big day. Let’s fill our Texas barn venue with dreamy textiles and ethereal details. We can’t wait to bring your creative vision to fruition within our whitewashed walls!