Trending: Cactus Decor Ideas for Your Texas Wedding Venue

Trending: Cactus Decor Ideas for Your Texas Wedding Venue

Yes, you read that right. You have seen this prickly plant in the garden stores, or even on your tropical vacations, but did you know Cacti are the new ‘it’ wedding décor?

Cactus inspired wedding stationery; cacti cake toppers; cacti signature cocktails – you name it and the to-be-brides are doing it.

So, if you want to move over the old floral décor ideas for your wedding, and are game for something new, you are at the right place.

Doesn’t mean you have to give the flowers up altogether; certain flowers go very well with cacti arrangements. You can choose to add the cacti around your flower arrangements, or if you are a minimal-lover, just go with cactus-based centerpieces.

Say Yes to Cacti

The thing we love most about incorporating cactus in wedding décor is you don’t have to get married in a specific season to enjoy it. Though, a lot of the would-be-brides choose cacti to decorate their summer or tropical weddings, it can be just as beautiful in a winter wedding.

The most common ways to include cactus in your wedding is to decorate your centerpieces, cake toppers, and wedding stationery suites. But there are definitely a lot more options than that. For example, you can use cactus plants as your ceremony backdrop – especially if you love a desert inspired wedding theme.

Another best part about cacti is these are highly heat-tolerant. Unlike other flowers and plants, you’ll never have to worry about them wilting or dying. Cactus plants look fresh without putting in any efforts at all. So, you can even get these arrangements made way ahead of the wedding and have some pre-wedding photo-shoot fun with them!

Want even more ideas? We have compiled some beautiful ideas for you.

Cactus Favors

How about wooing your guests with pots of mini cactus? A good way to make sure your wedding day remains in their memories long after the ceremony is over.

Cactus Décor Ideas

Use different sizes of terra cotta pots to put the cacti and sprinkle some colorful flowers around it to create a stunning effect.

Cactus Painted Wedding Cake

Those of you, who love the look of a cactus but don’t want to actually use it, you can have the bottom tier of your wedding cake painted with a cartoon illustration of cacti.

Cactus Wedding Cake Topper

Use a mini flowering cactus to decorate the top of your two (or three) – tiered naked wedding cake!

Cactus Place Setting

If you are looking to use a bold pop of color in your place setting, how about using a flowering cactus on a neutral-colored table arrangement?

Cactus Centerpieces

So what if your wedding décor is all pink and peachy? A bold splash of color green – think flowering cacti – will brighten up the whole palette.

Cactus Ceremony Backdrop

Want to get married in a natural desert backdrop? Cacti are here to your rescue! Use a variety of different cacti in pots, and arrange them around unique wooden structures.

Cactus Place Setting

Imagine this – bright green cactus paddles with seat numbers calligraphed over them. Wow.