Trendy Dress Styles For 2022

Trendy Dress Styles For 2022

Wedding dress trends change from year to year. If you are looking to walk down the aisle in 2022, we’ve put together a list of trends to keep an eye out for! From short dresses to high slits, you are bound to find a dress trend that works best with your unique style. 


Short Dresses

While we love a beautiful long dress, expect to see short dresses in 2022. Whether you are planning for a more casual ceremony or showing off your shoes, short dresses are a trendy addition that brides are loving. If you don’t want to swap out your beautiful but long ceremony dress, opt for a short dress as a second reception dress! 



Ruffles are making a comeback and we can’t wait to see brides rocking this style next year. They add a whimsical touch to any dress and add the perfect amount of detail, no matter how big or small a statement you want to make. From full ruffled skirts to mermaid silhouettes, there are options from full volume to streamlined with incredible detail. 



Florals add the perfect amount of detail to your dress that you didn’t know that you needed. From white florals to colorful bouquets to embroidery, there are a variety of ways that you can add flowers to your wedding dress. It adds a trendy addition that is fun and will undoubtedly add character and style to your dress. If color isn’t your thing, consider pastels as a more subtle way to add color to your gown. 



Embellishments are making an appearance in 2022, so of course, feathers will be making a big statement. It’s an over-the-top embellishment that can be toned down to add a small, barely-there detail or a statement that packs a punch. 


Off the Shoulder 

An off-the-shoulder look adds a perfect touch of romance to a wedding dress. The neckline flatters every bride’s decollete and can be found on various dress styles, from ball gowns to more fitted styles like a mermaid style gown. 


Square Necklines 

Similar to off-the-shoulder styles, square necklines add a unique but versatile look to any wedding dress. While popular in the renaissance era, it is undoubtedly making a comeback, and brides love it because it flatters your collarbone and shoulders. It works well with any wedding style!



If you’ve been looking for a dress alternative, this sleek option is bound to catch the eye in 2022. While comfortable, it offers an alternative that ranges in various styles, allowing brides to show off their wedding style. 


Slip Dresses

Slip dresses are known for their sleek and sexy style. The slinky silhouette will be featured in more and more weddings in 2022 and offers a fun (and stylish) alternative to a traditional wedding dress. While it is the perfect option for a formal wedding, opt for skinny straps for a beach and breezy look for a destination wedding. 


Transitional Pieces 

If you are looking to add a bit of coverage to your dress or want to have more than one look, transitional pieces help add a different look without the price tag of owning two different gowns. Opt for capes, crop tops, or coats in satin or lace for the perfect dress addition.


High Slits 

Are you looking to show a little skin without opting for a short dress? Choose a wedding dress with a high slit! It is perfect for adding a bit of sex appeal to your dress without showing too much skin. From a silhouette-style gown to a ball gown, you can add a sexy twist to any dress style with a high slit. 


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